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Who knew that getting UK visas could be so complicated? Especially with the British government charging high non refundable visa fees. Not to mention the consistently changing qualifying criteria. Hopefully this website shows that you are not alone in this endevour. Read More Read More

south african passport holder?

You do have a South African passport? We are not here to mislead or over promise in terms of our ability to offer visa solutions. So if you are not from or in South Africa, unfortunately this information might not apply to you. Read More Read More

married or unmarried dependencies

Defining your type of relationship is only the first of a three stage method in determining which visa would give you working and relocation rights to the United Kingdom. This system was developed by Move Up - UK Visa Solutions to help fellow South Africans in their visa applications. Read More Read More

To confirm your visa eligibility, try our free relationship assessment:

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Types of Relationships

Would your relationship be defined as metrosexual, homosexual, bisexual or asexual?

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Status of Relationships

Living together, married, unmarried, engaged, divorced, separated, not living together?

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Types of Working Rights

What permission does your partner have to work or reside in the UK? Foreign passport holder or UK visa holder?

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